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    Forum Rules - Must Read

    Forum Rules:

    1: The official language of this board is English. This applies to posts, titles, signatures, profiles, and other forms of public display. Non-English posts will be trashed.

    2: This is a family friendly board, members' age range from 13 and up. Posting any form of nudity is highly prohibited; this includes, but is not limited to, avatars, signatures, and making requests. These actions will result in a ban.

    3: No religious or political topics are permitted.

    4: Flaming/spamming/rudeness is not allowed. This also includes profanity in posts, avatars, or signatures. This may result in warnings or bans.

    5: Information is important always add as much relevant information as possible to your posts. Do not add information/graphics that have no bearing on the post .The posting of anything that's not directly related to the actual topic is not permitted .

    6: All topics posted must be submitted to the correct forums. Please read the forum descriptions before posting.

    7: The posting of any advertising or referrals links to other sites in the downloaded post, in signatures, or avatars is not allowed.

    8: Keep the focus: Please do not hijack a thread by going off topic or by posting mirror links to an existing thread/post; this will be considered as hijacking also. Please create your own thread/posts.

    9: Please use the search function before making any requests.

    10: Do not use asterisks or any other characters and/or text - TAGS Not Allowed [RS], <MU>, {FS}, (FSC), etc... (ex..LATEST, Final, Full, New, etc..) in your post title to gain attention for your post. Words such as crack, cracked, hacked, fix, fixed, inc serial, keygen, unlocked, etc. is not allowed in the title. Posts will be edited and future posts with tags or words/symbols will be removed and bans/warnings will be issued.

    11: All links posted must be coded including internal links and signature links by using the # button in the toolbar. Do not use URL tags.

    12: Do not use ALL CAPS or a cOmBiNaTiOn of caps and lower case letters in topic titles or posts.

    13: Multiple accounts are not permitted, all accounts will be banned and the posts will be trashed.

    14: Masked, protected, or redirecting links are not allowed and will be removed. Direct download links only - is the only protected link(s) allowed - Torrents are not allowed. Files must be compressed, please do NOT post .exe files - for member safety and possible concerns of downloading an .exe file.

    15: If you find a post with dead links or is not within the guidelines of the rules please notify a moderator by using the report button provided alongside the offensive post so that they can resolve the issue.

    16: Do not post hacking programs, utilities, flooders or spam tools. Do not post any program, tool, utility, or tutorial which may be used to potentially cause damage to or invade the privacy of another person's computer.

    17: Duplicate posts (double posting) and post bumping is not permitted and will be trashed.

    18: If you have fresh links for your post you must use the edit button to edit your post. If necessary, add to the next existing post on that topic.

    19: Removal of moderated messages is not permitted. A message From staff must be acknowledged and, if requested, a reason provided at the next login.

    20: Creating multi-threads/mega-threads is permitted. These are your responsibility, if you do not maintain them (i.e.: update links, add new posts, etc.), they will be trashed.

    21: Do not use a font size bigger than 3 in posts or in signatures.

    22: If you post premium links you must also provide free alternative links otherwise your post will be trashed. Continuing to post premium only links will result in a warning or ban.

    23. Any and all password protected files must also contain a working password within the post. The password is not to be a referral link to another site or any other form of advertising. If a working password is not contained within the post, it will be deleted.

    24: The maximum size of your signature can be no more than 500x400 pixels or 500KB (which ever is larger). Uploaded avatars must be no larger than 200x300 pixels or 195KB (which ever is larger). Alternatively, you can use an avatar from our collection.

    25: Complaints about staff members should be sent via PM to a Super Mod or an Administrator.

    26: You must comply with all of the rules above when using the avatar, PM, or signature functions.

    27: When sharing a large file, it is necessary to provide sufficient free download links so anyone downloading can reasonably expect to obtain the complete file before the links go dead. The following criteria should be used:
    10 gigs and/or up to 10 links = 1 free filehost
    20 gigs and/or up to 20 links = 2 free filehosts
    30 gigs and/or up to 30 links = 3 free filehosts.
    all links must be interchangeable

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    Forum Rules Must Read

    I briefly saw a message saying that I had "chosen not to accept the sites rules so...." but I had clicked the button before I read further.

    I didnt see where to accept the rules and would certainly have said yes to that if I had - can I accept now, if so, where?



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