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  1. Injured bald eagle found in nation's capital, taken for care
  2. Website in Illinois kidnap case still advises on abductions
  3. Missing North Texas girl found dead in Dallas; 2 arrested

    DALLAS ? A missing 13-year-old North Texas girl who was reported abducted and a man have both been found dead inside a Dallas home, authorities said Sunday.

    Shavon Randle had been missing for...
  4. Drifter boat, a Maine high school project, washes up in Scotland
  5. Arizona man who fled 1976 rape trial sent back to New York
  6. Pentagon delays enlistment of transgender recruits
  7. Virginia law will give drug addicts clean needles
  8. Thread: Greetings

    by Scorpion


    Hello,I'm Scorpion I'm coming to you from many of RipperJacks Sites in which I'm Admin & Super-Mod on many of his sites
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